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Why India is obsessed with engineering?

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Why India is obsessed with engineering?

In the world japan is famous producing for its electronics, France is famous for producing baking eatables, Italy is famous for producing wine and cheese, America is famous for producing automobiles, aerospace, etc..

But do you know what INDIA is famous for producing (you guessed right !!) ENGINEERS.

India is a diverse country there are many religions, races, food, languages, dressing styles, BUT there is no diversity in graduates, Every year almost 2.9 million (29 lakhs) engineers are set into the competitive world, in that almost 1.4 million (14 lakhs) peoples remain unemployed. Why?

Yes, India has the highest rate of engineering graduates in the world, In India, almost every house has an average number of 2 engineers per family. Imagine the number of engineers in the whole country !!

when shown globally around 85% of students showed the desire to take up engineering, in that 79% of students were from India.

The reason is the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION when Britishers came to our country they needed some workers to work in their factories in England, the minimum qualification was set to an English speaking person (approx). Therefore so many peoples tried to meet the minimum qualification.

Then in America, the IT revolution happened there American companies started to hire engineers. Indian had only 2 options they can go to Russia or America (IT revolution happened in both countries at the same time) many Indians choose America due to language problems.

The tech giants started to hire Indians because of their talent and also it was cheap and productive for them. Due to the currency variation, many Indians think that they may get a handsome salary if they work in foreign countries. A greater percentage of engineers actually live below-average life in abroad.

IIT’s played a prominent role, they started to educate the students with premium quality education, the students were getting handsome salary after completing the courses in IIT’s now whose parents will not send his/her son to IIT’s, due to this reason AIEEE started which selected the exceptional students to study in IIT’s. What about the remaining students?

India’s problem with substandard engineering education is now widely known. Except for IITs and other prestigious technology institutes, most engineering colleges are unable to provide education to engineering student that would get them suitable jobs. At the root of the problem is mushrooming of low-quality engineering colleges over the years. As students from such colleges fail to get suitable jobs, they face a decline in enrolment. Now a large number of these colleges are being closed down.


Here the financial pressure, social pressure affect the person too much, therefore just to please the society many peoples opt for engineering as their primary educational goal.

Here people don’t appreciate the WHITE COLLOR JOBS who earns much less than others. (sophisticated jobs)

The mad race of JEE has destroyed many peoples lives, Most of the peoples don’t recognize that there is PLAN B PLAN C if PLAN A fails.

In fact, there is a huge community in south India where parents force their children to do engineering and sent abroad, so they could brag about them with others !!