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The Respect !!!

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Today I went to eat Davanagere Benne Dose, As it had been a long time, I ate Benne. Dose and the weather was appetizing to eat a hot burnt crispy Dose.

I took my Activa and went to my regular Dvg-Benne- Dose, I know the taste of Original Davanagere Benne. Dose is irreplaceable in Bengaluru. But this. Dose’s taste was the closest to the Original Davangere Benne. Dose.

But now, I am not talking about the taste Comparison, It is a Talk for another time.

To give you a small description about the hotel, It is almost 5 ft Wide and is around 25ft long, Basically a small Hotel. It is being run by a couple from North Karnataka. They have 2 children as well.

When I was devouring the scrumptious Benne Dose, I observed that slippers of the owners were placed outside, I asked them why ? This is what they told me,

Sir, Naavu ond hattu (10) varsha aytu Bengaluruige bandu,naanu matte nam maneyavaru bandvi,Bandaga naan hattira bari 1000 maatra ittu, naanu yeneno kelsa maadi swlpa duddu save maadi ee hotel na sumaru 5–6 years back open madideve, Ivattu nan makkalu Olle Schoolge hogta idare,nan hatira ond hosa gaadi ide, Idella ide hotelinda agiddu sir, Naavu dina ee hotel ge pooje madtivi, Devasthanakke Chappali hakond ollege hogbardu anta heltare alva, namge ide devasthana,Uta mane, batte yella kottide


Sir, It has been around 10 years, Since we came to Bengaluru.When me and my wife came here I had only 1000 rupees in my hand, I worked some odd jobs and saved enough money to open this hotel back in 5–6 years, Since then my life has been going good, My children are studying in a Good School, I was able to purchase a new vehicle.
It is a proverb saying that We musn’t wear Footwears inside the temple, For us this hotel is the temple, It has given us Food, Home to live, Clothes to wear. We respect the hotel as much as we can..

I was awestruck listening, WOW they have somuch respect to a building.

We Indians worship even small thing if we belive enough in them.

It’s so beautiful to observe such small things in our lives.

God’s supreme word to us is life; our highest worship of Him is love for the living. -Anonymous