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Let's Talk Money: You've Worked Hard for It, Now Make It Work for You

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About the author

Monika Halan is Consulting Editor with Mint, India's second-largest business daily and a well-known media personality. Monika is the author of the best-selling book Let's Talk Money published by Harper Collins in 2018. She has worked across several media organizations in India and has run many successful TV series around personal finance advice in NDTV, Zee, and Bloomberg.

She is a regular speaker on financial literacy, regulation, inclusion and consumer issues in retail finance.

My Opinion:

Do you know why most sports athletes go broke just after few years of retiring ? They almost retire with 250% more than the net worth of a common man. still go broke. The main reason Is Poor Finance Planning!!

They wish to Royally like they used to leave when they were playing, what they forget is they don't have a passive income now!

If you are Someone who almost spends all of the money you have then this book is for you.This book shows how to manage finance, and make money work for you, ie; Passive income..

A famous quote :

"Don’t let money run your life. Let money help you run your life better."- John Rampton

Our choice of college, company and career are often determined by the amount of money at stake. Throughout our life, whether it's to celebrate our big moments or deal with emergencies, money is a big consideration in the decision-making process.

Yet, we are hardly ever taught about making money work for us. Let's Talk Money is the book that demystifies the world of personal finance and investing for the beginner. This helps us to start viewing the money in those accounts differently.

Now in many homes, they think that investing in Stock MArket is like gambling, but if you have invested analytically and carefully that money can double too, if not that money can be lost too…

Later, the author introduces the concept of the ‘money box’ as the cornerstone for our financial life. These include parking all the money in low interest-earning products such as Fixed deposits, not doing enough due diligence while buying health or life insurance, considering real estate as the best return on investment, seeing equities investment as a short-term quick rich scheme etc…

The things that made this book stand out for me are

Easy narration style helps demystify the different financial products. This can act as a useful guide when you are buying any financial product such as medical cover, life insurance or mutual fund. Provides a structured way to invest according to our goals and ultimately move towards financial independence. This book is a must-read for someone looking to get started on their financial journey.

I recommend reading this book for almost every college student before graduation so that you can get an idea How to manage your finance.

Kindle Edition: 184 pages