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'Accessibility' is the word losing it's meaning ?

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What excatly is accessibility ?

Is it a word that is used to describe the ability to access something ? Or is it a word that is used to describe the ability to use something ? people can be confused like the above, it's very common.

But the real question is, what is the meaning of the word 'accessibility' ?

Let's take a look at the definition of the word 'accessibility' in wikipedia.

Accessibility is the design of products, devices, services, vehicles, or environments so as to be usable by people with disabilities.

So, the word 'accessibility' is used to describe the ability to use something, Right?

My POV : Accessibility refers to the extent to which people with disabilities can access, navigate, and interact with a particular product, service. It is not just about being able to physically access something, but also about being able to use it effectively and efficiently without any external help (independent).

Let me give you a real world example.

In some banking software, when you have to login to your account, you have to enter the captcha code to verify that you are a human and not a bot.

Now let's say you are a visually impaired person, you can't see the captcha code, so you might have to use hear captcha option, which will read the captcha code to you or be dependent on other people to help you with the captcha code. But what if you are hard of hearing, you can't hear the captcha code.

So, in this case, the software is not accessible to you, because you can't use it effectively and efficiently.

Now, What is the problem ?