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The Only Friend……. (Series) Ep-03

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Dr Mathur was surprised to find Geetha, He thought, what happened to her since she was very healthy? The nurse told him she suddenly went to cardiac arrest as her body was too weak to supply blood to all parts.

She was thinking about her baby boy “On the night of your birth, you summoned a storm. Reclining in a 2 a.m. hospital bed, I cradled you in my arms, feeling the flutter of your heart near mine. Outside, slow, raindrops descended on the small rock garden. The rain fell and fell. Your eyes closed, and you slept. You were my first child; I knew the moment I held your small, tenderfoot somehow you would be my world. But it’s time for me to…"

Increase the voltage by 150v said Dr Mathur to the nurse….