Increase the charge by 150J Dr Mathur Said to the nurse, The heartbeat was still nil.
Finally, it was increased to 250J the heart responded, CPR was done, they gave finally continuous blood support after trying for 16 minutes Geetha’s heart started to beat normally but she went to coma.

Dr Mathur informed Gabriel, He broke down, His world was down, He remembered when he first met her. It was at the Drama Club of the University of Melbourne. She was the only Indian student; It was love at first sight. She was a very shy and quiet person. One day he randomly asked her what she does for fun, after months of working together, trying to get a feel for her. She said she didn’t do anything and mostly hung out in her room. He said I don’t really do anything either, and we should do nothing together.

He wiped off his teary eyes and chuckled “That was a really pure innocent moment”.